Join a growing network

With an evolved aesthetic feel for SHARK SUPs, and a vision that challenges innovation and eco friendly practice there has been no better time to partner with us. We are seeking distribution, retail and SUP school/club partners who align with our business practice and vision of creating the most sustainable stand up paddleboarding products and want to share them with them with the world.

Partnering with SHARK is not just about selling a product, it’s about sharing a story and invites you and your paddlers to contribute and influence SHARKs journey into the future. We are in a “constant forward motion” and to fulfil this we support our partners by giving them what they need now and we value their feedback and ideas.

Brand Support

SHARK SUPs value the working relationships developed with partners and offer a package of support when it comes to telling the SHARK SUPs story and marketing the brand.

We are growing our brand by promoting a supportive ecosystem that brings together all our stakeholders: paddlers, staff and partners. With a dedicated marketing and design team we continue to identify new ways in which to help our partners grow.

Upon partnering with SHARK we give access to an online media library of resources. This resource section gives partners guidance on how to represent the SHARK brand throughout their own marketing, as well as providing a series of useful assets that may be utilsed throughout their own communication channels.

SHARK SUPs 2020 brochure